MSC Grandiosa's first winter season kicks off

Data : 29-11-2019

Autor : Harper Davies

After the baptism in Hamburg (Germany) and a long positioning cruise with final destination Genoa, the opening winter season of MSC Grandiosa started on 23 November 2019, again from the Ligurian capital.

Designed to meet all the needs of cruise passengers with its avant-garde design, this first Meraviglia plus class vessel is 331 meters long, about 65 meters high, has a gross tonnage of about 181,000 tons becoming the largest ship in the MSC Cruise fleet. Also important is its capacity, available 2421 cabins of various types (including a two-storey cabin) for up to 6300 passengers. After MSC Grandiosa, another 12 new vessels will enter the fleet until 2027, its twin MSC Virtuosa is expected to be in service in less than a year, in October 2020. The city of Genoa will be a fixed stop on the itinerary of MSC Grandiosa during its inaugural season, every week will move something like about 7000 cruise passengers between transits and embarkations. MSC Grandiosa will spend its inaugural season in the Mediterranean, before moving to South America for the winter 2020/2021 and make room for its twin, MSC Virtuosa.

It will be possible to board MSC Grandiosa for weekly cruises, from Genoa every Saturday, from Civitavecchia every Sunday or from Palermo every Monday, to discover La Valletta (Malta), Barcelona (Spain) and Marseille (France). From spring, the airports of Naples and Messina will replace Civitavecchia and Palermo. At this time of year, regardless of the weather conditions along its route, in addition to discovering all that these incredible places have to offer, you can enjoy different indoor areas. It is confirmed as a ship designed for all seasons and able to climb most of the international cruise ports in the world. Thanks to its internal configuration and its 16 meters more, there are additional public areas and several innovations. In addition to a large promenade, the nerve centre of life on board enriched by additional shops, new thematic restaurants, there is a large LED Sky screen about 98.5 meters long, which at certain times of the day offers an original show called "dome show", of lights and sounds.

The brand new "L'Atelier Bistrot", a lounge bar with a stage, dance floor with a view of the Impressionist art exhibition, was also a great success, as well as a terrace seating and tables that resemble those of a typical Parisian bistro. For the first time ever, there is an art exhibition nearby, with 26 engravings from the Danse Dessin series by the painter Edgar Degas.

The entertainment offered includes the debut of two new shows of the Cirque du Soleil at Sea, one of the world leaders in live entertainment with the opportunity to dine or sip a cocktail during the exciting show, paying a little extra. A lot of fun for the little ones too, including a large water park and many options to have fun in the almost 700 square meters dedicated to them, including technology, workshops, sports and music.

MSC Grandiosa is the second "smart ship" in the MSC fleet to be equipped in all cabins with the first personal virtual assistant in the cruise industry: Zoe. It is programmed to answer over 800 questions in seven different languages, with the aim of assisting guests on board the ship and offering them an innovative and smart travel experience.

To discover these and other features of MSC Grandiosa up close, all you have to do is book a cruise and get on board.


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