Boston is a great city, but it's not like that when you walk - and don't be wrong, this is one of those perfect cities to explore on foot. (If you're not a walker, join a cart or amphibious vehicle.) In 20 minutes, you can walk from the Common (Boston's Central Park) to the waterfront and walk along the main historical attractions, shops and food suppliers. .Boston is, perhaps, the most fascinating historic city in America, dating back more than 350 years. The city was founded in 1630 by settlers led by John Winthrop, and takes its name from an English village. The events that led to the American Revolution, including the infamous arguments about the tea tax that led to the Boston Tea Party in 1773, began there. During the protest, three British ships were attacked by settlers dressed as Native Americans who poured tea into the port. In 1775, Paul Revere helped spread the news that the British were coming. These days, Boston, also known as "Beantown" (the moniker is another legacy of the colonial era, referring to a time when baked beans made with molasses were a specialty of Boston), has a European touch, partly because of its many old buildings and welcoming atmosphere. But it is not a museum of the city anywhere. Being an area home to major educational institutions, including Harvard, MIT and Boston College, even a large student population helps to create a fresh and edgy atmosphere. Just keep in mind that they tend to come in two categories: friendly and grumpy. (There are even restaurants specializing in grumpy waitresses.) This is a great sports town, and Red Sox and Patriots are kings. A conversation about both will bring emotional discourse. Of course, there's a lot of American history, especially on the Freedom Trail. (Just follow the red lines along the sidewalk.) But if the history of television is more your style, visit the bar that was the model of "Cheers". If you're a film fan, there are plenty of filming locations all over Boston. There are tours where you can visit the backdrops of "Good Will Hunting", "Legally Blonde", "The Departed", "The Social Network", "American Hustle", "Boston Legal" and many more. As a visitor, you should not even overlook the many museums in the city. Boston has great shopping for both those who want to spend a lot of money and for those looking for "bah-gans". And if you are a nice shop, you can find everything from haute cuisine to Fenway Franks. If you order "chowda", he'll be the creamy type. (Don't even ask for the tomato.)